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a.h.s. boy
a.h.s. boy
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Everyone's a Fucking Poet!

This chapbook was originally HTMLized in the span of a week or so, February 1995, by the author, a.h.s. boy. It was reformatted and entered into the library database many years later. If you enjoy it, good. If you learn something, better. That's what it's here for. If you have any comments -- of any sort, really -- send me email. Cheers,



Colophona.h.s. boy
Opena.h.s. boy
Preliminary Statementa.h.s. boy
I'll be therea.h.s. boy
Beyond Good & Evila.h.s. boy
A History of Everything Thanks to Mea.h.s. boy
The Problem is Semantica.h.s. boy
Wittgenstein's remarka.h.s. boy
Joie de vivrea.h.s. boy
Jurgen Habermas, carpentera.h.s. boy
The History of Welcomea.h.s. boy
Another Handa.h.s. boy
Dresseda.h.s. boy
The Architecture of Memorya.h.s. boy
Pervasive Filtera.h.s. boy
Sleep Furiously 1a.h.s. boy
The Past is a Form of Dismembermenta.h.s. boy
Blood & Futurea.h.s. boy
Pokerface Hearta.h.s. boy
The Text has killed its Authora.h.s. boy
I'd likea.h.s. boy
in the blue houra.h.s. boy
Listen:a.h.s. boy
Henry & Junea.h.s. boy
Blowa.h.s. boy
The Frying Pan of our Demisea.h.s. boy
Paths Diverginga.h.s. boy
Skeletons Entering Paradisea.h.s. boy
The Indian Feara.h.s. boy
The Politics of Perceptiona.h.s. boy
The Many Sizes of Infinitya.h.s. boy
Symbolic Index of Wishesa.h.s. boy
Museuma.h.s. boy
Parade of Starsa.h.s. boy
you were/dreaming/in my hearta.h.s. boy
The Keya.h.s. boy

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