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Joie de vivre

by a.h.s. boy

you want an adventure
that begins     "the night
exploded into my hand"
and then maybe die happy

even the cats are sleeping
through your life     even 
the pillow is too soft
for you to resist it   you won't
have your night in shining
armor   (it can't get through)

you lock the door as if
someone wants to come in
as if   the succubus lives
next door   you should
be so lucky

one roll of the dice is
all it takes   you'd play
the lottery if it didn't 
cost a dollar   you want
to win the game but
success is an open
ended ticket to nowhere

crazy dreams give birth
to interesting language   still
that's only a glimpse 
of what you're looking 
for   nights exploding
and all that jazz   first
you've got to take hold


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