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Symbolic Index of Wishes

by a.h.s. boy

1) the first. telephone call from the girl across the room. a sweet
dream. smell of coffee on weekend morning. she whispers your name and
touches your shoulder.

2) second. a quest for direction. the premeditation of ambition. the
helpful, the kind, the response: over there. how we follow ourselves.

3) anger. disappointment. wishes destroyed. the explosive gesture,
annihilation-desire. the necessary but tragic inclusion of loss and
frustration. the blackness of doubt.

4) the graceful movement of understanding. the open door. invitation
and welcome. an unexpected letter from past memories. the reaching-out
across dimensions of time. persistence and continuation.

5) the little giant. the reversal of fortune. perfect fulfillment, the
mending of schisms, reconciliation with the most beautiful. finding
lost words on the tip of your tongue.

6) hoping for prince or princess. lazy requests. cloud nine vacation. a
child's cry. sickness calling for healing. warm touch, soothing music,
dim lights. imagination become real.

7) vivid color. an indication towards paradise. sensual red hair
falling over closed eyes. the stars, the moon, beyond the wild
cosmology of emotions. she will stay and answer questions that have
never been asked.

8) we script our lives.

9) again the Buddha wish. the lack of discipline. the Buddha wish. the
weight of suffering. the Buddha wish. her body, your body, abandon

10) the sealing wax of the blues. the channel of passing. perfect time.
everything you ever wanted. everything you never had.


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