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The Architecture of Memory

by a.h.s. boy

(for Katherine)

Yesterday will never be torn down
no matter how much you need the space
for a place to live or a good night's sleep

Your field of vision has no respect
for time and the vacant lot
never forgets previous incarnations

When you reach for the summit of Sears Tower
you have the help of every spider & window-washer
making their way up the skyline   if you want it

because you'll need the support
of imaginary friends
that you gave up at age five
and the real ones who died
at twenty-two

The art of oblivion is a demolition crew
with enough explosives to level a high-rise
or an unstable future and it doesn't understand
architecture : the importance of foundation
the passing of time in two directions

The ominous shadow that you called Home
is your shadow and sleeps next to you in bed
whispering   that even the penthouse 
depends on the basement
& sweet dreams


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