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Barrett Warner
David Beaudouin
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'Til I'm Blue in the Face

This newest release is a series of poems by Baltimore poet Barrett Warner, a ode of sorts to his disastrous and short-lived marriage. Enjoy!



Pas De DeuxBarrett Warner
The Waffle IronBarrett Warner
'Til I'm Blue in the FaceBarrett Warner
Just MarriedBarrett Warner
Scenic RouteBarrett Warner
Re:LocationBarrett Warner
Fake AnniversariesBarrett Warner
TrimmingBarrett Warner
Making ParBarrett Warner
Separation PartyBarrett Warner
The Fisher KingBarrett Warner
Hurricane SaraBarrett Warner
Mixed MediaBarrett Warner
GalesvilleBarrett Warner
Groundhog DayBarrett Warner
Strange CaravanBarrett Warner
JohnstownBarrett Warner
The RequiemBarrett Warner
Eleven AprilsBarrett Warner
All Quiet On Sara's Side of the BedBarrett Warner
ApostacyBarrett Warner

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