Parade of Stars

Published in Everyone's a fucking poet! 1995

Cars never stop midnight headlights are on
Police have a motorcyclist pinned to the ground
Sun never shines after dark in the world
Joie de vivre moved taking curtains water bedroom mirror
Book is full heavy five inches thick & tragic
I haven't any sense left never had the prerequisite
Drank & smoked vice versa perfectly fine balance
Avoid the roads! avoid the roads! read the signs!
Dig holes inside each other jump in endless adventure
Speak my frivolous songbook add a little voice
Bastardize humanity nuclear family nightmare
No thanks I don't want to stop the bleeding
The trucks the girls the end of the world
A state of mind a state of emergency inside the outside
The cat purrs I snarl I sweat hatred and gasoline
Sleep sleep sleep sleep I'm coming to dream
The green light and stop sign push me and pull
A string of percep-
A string of percep-
A string of perceptions and high ideals


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