I'll be there

Published in Everyone's a fucking poet! 1995

I renounced my past
which I never really had
anyway   I packed my nouns
and their crummy adjectives
that wouldn't sell
broke off my date with work &
cancelled my appointment
with boredom

I was mobile   no
pretending that I wasn't
no theories of stability
hell   I don't even believe
in time anymore
I'm never late
never in a hurry
& where I'll be tomorrow
is where I am tomorrow
but you can bet your ass
I'll be there
An astronaut once told me
of the enormous quantity of rocket fuel
necessary for intergalactic travel
I took it to mean
a bottle of Finlandia
would get me to New York
provided I'm not driving

One should never go to Hell
by invitation   but
if you feel like Dante
& she looks like Beatrice
Me?   I'm headed for the liquor store
What the future holds
is a trick question :
what's the point in running
if your legs are history?


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