Anarchists Write

Published in Social Anarchism #27, Fall/Winter 2000


Each issue the editors select a topic and invite your contributions. This section is an open forum designed to get our readers to write informally about topics of significant concern.

For this issue we invited readers to share their thoughts on


For the next issue we have chosen the topic of


The topic is intentionally broad. Tackle it directly or use it as a springboard. Writing style is not important -- your openness, your thoughtfulness, your sincerity are the important ingredients. We will take care of the routine editing.

You can write a paragraph or you can write up to five pages.

All copy should be typed and doublespaced. (A disk copy with the word processing program clearly identified is also required.) You may use a pen name if it allows you to be more open. If you want us to acknowledge receiving your contribution, please include an addressed postcard or envelope with postage.

Send your submissions to:

Anarchists Write
Social Anarchism
2743 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218 USA

or to:


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