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Company Man

by Tom Doskow

                          all not
                        share value
                        not expense
                         free not
           never demanding train themselves NO
           on their own time NO ONE not If all
          us now Worst case: practical everyone
        no more answer never money attempted TWO
        MONTHS  him did not him too much one  number
       never  No no one ever anything existing live
    processes   85% Team Award!! myself at  my  does
   not our     bad not without too much Bad     move
   never       NOT no one junk too much tired  never
   do          terrible very "STIFF" slave     labor
               won extreme Unmotivating!
               Publishers Clearinghouse
                 selected next winner
                   DISGUSTING! any
                    No one    who
                    never    many
                    waste    per
                    crew     not
                    basic    AT
                     ALL     85%


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